This Is Special is a project that stimulates and exhibits the cultural talents of students in special education and raises money for charity at the same time. This Is Special 3.0 consisted of several actions and exhibitions throughout Zwolle.

One triptych was exhibited at the central library of Zwolle. A second at Deltion College Zwolle. Deltion even bought the artwork. All the other paintings were exhibited at the Ice Statue Festival Zwolle. At the festival students and teachers painted ‘live’, visitors could paint along for a donation. In total €1.367,46 was raised for charity.

De Ambelt is a school for special education, specialized in educating children with learning, developmental and/or psychiatrical disorders. “This description however doesn’t realy tribute to how proud students are to be in special education. And that’s unjust, just look at the talents”; says Boxem. Besides raising money for charity, This Is Special also pushes for changing the perception on special education by showing everyone how talented these students are and giving them the confidence they deserve.

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