This Is Special is a project that stimulates and exhibits the cultural talents of students in special education and raises money for charity at the same time. In 2013 This Is Special recorded a music album on which twenty students can be heard.

The album was a large succes. The Havo section of De Ambelt sold over 1700 copies and raised €10.040,-. All profits were donated to Serious Request, Hollands largest fundraiser. “Nowadays a lot of Dutch artists would be pretty jealous of that amount of money” responded 3fm DJ Paul Rabbering. Student Wytse Visser became Demo of the Day and his song ‘Dance to the stories of our life’ was played nationwide.
All music was recorded free of charge at the studios of Deltion College Zwolle by Henk Mekkring and his student Steven Kroon. Rapper Rico (Fakkebrigade, OpgeZwolle) and Rob Peters (Seven League Beats) contributed to a special rap song. The photography, artwork and design were done by Jamila Op de Kamp, Jeroen Keep, Riens Vellinga, Cristel Bredius and The Artist Jerry van der Bol. All contributed free of charge.

This Is Special is an initiative of Dennie Boxem, teacher at De Ambelt. De Ambelt is a school for special education, specialized in educating children with learning, developmental and/or psychiatrical disorders. “This description however doesn’t realy tribute to how proud students are to be in special education. And that’s unjust, just look at the talents”; says Boxem. Besides raising money for charity, This Is Special also pushes for changing the perception on special education by showing everyone how talented these students are and giving them the confidence they deserve.

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Recording days at the studios of Deltion College Zwolle, all recordings done by Henk Mekkring and Steven Kroon:

Days of photo shooting, ‘chef-cd-booklet’: Jamila Op den Kamp, photography by Jeroen Keep: CD presentation at Theater The Young Ones Zwolle. Photography by Tim Zuidberg: Donating €10.040,- at the Glass House, Serious Request Leeuwarden: In the papers: Other pics:

This Is Special tracklist:
1. Dance to the stories of our life
Song, vocals & guitar by Wytse Visser
2. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga cover
Carlyn Westerink, Dennie Boxem & Mathijs Slagter vocals, Vincent van Zwieten guitar, Esther van der Kamp keys, Melvin Hersevoort bass, Niels Beens drums.
3. Bring me to life – Evanescence cover
Carlyn Westerink & Dennie Boxem vocals, Olivier Eijpe keys, Melvin Hersevoort bass, Dominic Pongers drums.
4. Let me entertain you – Robbie Williams cover
Thomas Meijboom vocals & guitar, Timon Oldegberts woodblock, Koen Rouwenhorst solo guitar.
5. House of the rising sun – Animals cover
Danielle Wories vocals, Judith Steenbergen violin, Esther van der Kamp keys, Marc Jan Mijnheer guitar, Jens van Baaren solo guitar.
6. Als ik val
Pieter Wattel, Harm van der Vegt, Danny Snoek & Rico rap, Wytse Visser vocals, Jelmer Nieuwendijk & Rob Peters beats.
7. Who cares – Anouk cover
Carlyn Westerink vocals, Olivier Eijpe & Vincent van Zwieten guitars, Melvin Hersevoort bass, Dominic Pongers drums.
8. Don’t you forget about me
Song, vocals & guitar by Wytse Visser
9. Halleluja – Leonard Cohen cover
Vocals & guitar by Wytse Visser
10. Watch what you’re doing
Song, vocals & guitar by Wytse Visser