Circular Artwork around Eco-Plant. 2022

Watch the whole artwork HERE.

Talentstad Team-Artwork Dennie Boxem mozaïek

This mosaic artwork on the schoolyard of Talentstad Zwolle, consists out of four elements and is build around a Sun Tracing Ecoplant (an iron flower with solar panels as petals).


All first and second year students got an assignment to help design the artwork. Their design had to contain perks or a vertical garden. Some of their great ideas were included in the definitive design by Dennie Boxem. During the realisation, all thirty classes of Talentstad send some of their student to make a personal mosaic design. This way, every class is represented in the artwork.

The artwork is made out of circular material use: rejected bricks of Aberson B.V. and rejected tiles of Dijkstra Frieste Kleiwaren.


Dennie’s artwork adresses difficult themes as sustainability, solar energy, circularity, greening and biodiversity-loss. But it is done the fun way, by putting them into direct practice, familiarising the next generation with them, and raising togetherness by doing it together while at it!


Special thanks to Robbie Boxem, Didi Wolters, Edanur Sali and Jonathan Dam.


Watch the whole artwork HERE!