Dennie Boxem (1983) lives and works in Zwolle, The Netherlands.



2005-2009. ArtEZ. First Degree of Fine Art and Design in Education.

1995-2001. Meander College. Atheneum.


Exhibition History

2012-present. 100+ Team-Artworks exhibited in The Netherlands: see Collections.

2023-2024. Galerie Dennie Boxem. Assendorperstraat 174 Zwolle. Solo.

2023. “Sir David & Greta”. Klimaatmars Amsterdam. Solo.

2020-2023. Galerie Dennie Boxem. Roggestraat 21 Zwolle. Solo.

2023. “Carpe Diem”. Gütersloh DE. Group exhibition with Sam Ghobadzadeh and Mostafa Heravi.

2023. NDSF-Fuse Amsterdam. Group exhibition with Sam Ghobadzadeh and Mostafa Heravi.

2023. “Sense of Place”. Academiehuis Zwolle. Group exhibition.

2023. “Why we are Blauwvingers”. Sassenpoort Zwolle. Solo.

2022. Stadsmuseum Woerden. “geKOEsterd”. Woerden. Group exhibition.

2021. PROTO. Zwolle. Group exhibition.

2021. Academiehuis – De Grote Kerk. “Aan de hand van de Zwolse Meesters”. Group exhibition.

2020. Zwolle city hall. “De Zwolse Draak”. Solo.

2019. Academiehuis – De Grote Kerk. Zwolle. Solo.

2019. POP UP Museum theater De Spiegel. Hundred contemporary artist of Zwolle (curated by Boxem).

2019. Het Vliegerhuys. In co-operation with Marloes Wijtsma. Zwolle.

2019. Stadkamer. “April; month of the philosophy”. Zwolle. Solo.

2019. Theater De Spiegel & De Koperen Kees. “PROGRESS AND WHAT WE DO WITH (that shh) IT“. In co-operation with Mattys Bredewold and Daniel Douglas. Zwolle (curated by Boxem).

2018. Public. “Maatschappijkritiek”. In co-operation with Tamme de Boer. Zwolle.


2024. Hope for Peace. Public collection of Metzo ISK Doetinchem. Aqcuired.

2024. Remake Day Dream by Dalí. Public collection of Slingerbos Harderwijk. Acquired.

2024. Tuin de Lusten remake. Public collection of Melanchton Bergschenhoek. Acquired.

2024. The Perfect School. Public collection of ZuidWestHoek Ossendrecht. Acquired.

2023. Veteranendag Dutchbat I, II, III, IV. Public collection of Ministerie van Defensie. Kromhout Kazerne Utrecht. Acquired.

2023. The Tattooed Snail. Public collection of Windesheim Zwolle. Acquired.

2023. Hoofd, Hart, Hand. Public collection of Jordan Zeist. Acquired.

2023. Modern David. Public collection of KleinKunstig Zwolle. Donated.

2023. The Tattooed Elephant. Public collection of Were Di Valkenswaard. Acquired.

2023. The Ukrainian Peperbus. Up for auction for Ukraine. Zwolle. Donated.

2023. I LOVE ME. Up for auction for PRIDE Zwolle. Acquired.

2023. World Wonders. Public collection of Comenius Capelle aan de IJssel. Acquired.

2023. Veluwse wolf en edelhert. Public collection of Veluws College Apeldoorn. Acquired.

2023. Theater WIE BEPAALT MIJ. Private collection of De Muiterij Zwolle. Acquired.

2023. Snowboard Marriage. Private collection. Hilversum. Acquired.

2023. Rijks. Public collection of Rijks Bergen op Zoom. Acquired.

2023. Vestrocks Lion. Private collection of Vestrock Hulst. Acquired.

2023. De Groenste Auto van NL. Public collection of WOEST Zwolle. Acquired.

2023. Jouw, mijn, onze wereld. Public collection of Bindelmeer Amsterdam Bijlmer. Acquired.

2023. 4 DOVES. Public collection of Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel Zwolle. Donated.

2023. The Cow Statue. Public collection of Clusius. Hoorn. Acquired.

2023. The Tattooed Whale. Public collection of Mill Hill. Goirle. Acquired.

2023. Cirque du Zetten. Public collection of HPC. Zetten. Acquired.

2023. Cow Wauw. Public collection of Schaersvoorde. Aalten. Acquired.

2023. European cape. Public collection of European School secundary. Den Haag. Acquired.

2023. European cape. Public collection of European School primary. Den Haag. Acquired.

2023. HipO. Public collection of Rembrandt College. Veenendaal. Acquired.

2023. Starry Night-remake. Public collection of Liemers. Zevenaar. Acquired.

2023. Romulus & Remus-remake. Public collection of Vossius Gymn. Amsterdam. Acquired.

2023. 30 jaar bestaan. Public collection of Montessori. Nijmegen. Acquired.

2023. 30 jaar bestaan. Public collection of Montessori. Goesbeek. Acquired.

2023. Boom. Public collection of RIBW Kleimos. Zwolle. Acquired.

2023. Planet X. Public collection of …. Haarlem. Acquired.

2022. The Centaur & the Dragon. Public collection of Tabor. Hoorn. Acquired.

2022. De FietsAppel. Public collection of Tabor. Alphen aan den Rijn. Acquired.

2022. Het Snapchat Spook. Public collection of Stork. Hengelo. Acquired.

2022. De Devel. Public collection of Develstein. Zwijndrecht. Acquired.

2022. Howling Moon Wulf. Public collection of Bonaventura. Leiden. Acquired.

2022. Lion and Lamb. Public collection of Driestar. Gouda. Acquired.

2022. Eco-Art. Public collection of Talentstad. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. Accept my cookies. Public collection of Catent. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. Wapen van Amsterdam. Public collection of Iedersland. Amsterdam. Acquired.

2022. Ode Gootspoken Joris Baudoin. Public collection of Cambium. Zaltbommel. Acquired.

2022. Guitar Book. Public collection of Arte College. Almere. Acquired.

2022. Northern Light Lion. Public collection of Noorderlicht Lyceum. Amsterdam. Acquired.

2022. Statue of Liberty. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. Dragon Mascotte. Public collection of Comenius. Utrecht (Vleuten). Acquired.

2022. Hellevoet Lion. Public collection of Hellinium. Hellevoetsluis. Acquired.

2022. Labyrinth. Public collection of Comenius. Capelle aan den IJssel. Acquired.

2022. 100-jarig jubileum Jan van Egmond College. Public collection of Jan van Egmond. Purmerend. Acquired.

2022. Elfstedentocht Tour-mural. Public collection of Bogerman. Balk. Acquired.

2022. From Teabag To Horse Statue. Public collection of Avans. ’s Hertogenbosch. Acquired.

2022. Hondsrug Landscape. Public collection of Hondsrug College. Emmen. Acquired.

2022. City Lion vs. Rustic Cow. Public collection of Comenius. Leeuwarden. Acquired.

2022. 70-jarig jubileum ASITO. Public collection of ASITO. Almelo. Acquired.

2022. The GOAT’s. Public collection of 12BUILD. Nijverdal. Acquired.

2022. Panther. Public collection of Staring. Borculo. Acquired.

2022. Musici. Public collection of Karel de Grote College. Nijmegen. Acquired.

2022. The Gorilla-Wulf. Public collection of College. Beilen. Acquired.

2022. Vierluik Uitstroomrichtingen. Public collection of Meerwaarde. Barneveld. Acquired.

2022. The First Non-binair SUPERHEROE. Public collection of Dennie Boxem. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. Rotonde Hoofden Wijchen. Public collection of Maaswaal. Wijchen. Acquired.

2022. Versteend. Public collection of Talentstad. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. PAX. Public collection of Pax Christi. Druten. Acquired.

2022. Dodo. Public collection of TAK. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. Skyline Rotterdam. Public collection of Comenius. Rotterdam. Acquired.

2022. 75 jubileum. Public collection of Stad & Esch. Diever. Acquired.

2022. Draak in Stadsgracht. Public collection of Blue Bayou. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. Bull. Public collection of Pluryn. Maarsbergen. Acquired.

2022. Cupidé. Public collection of Koning Willem II. Tilburg. Acquired.

2022. Planet Apple. Public collection of OBC F-Elst-ival. Elst. Acquired.

2022. The Star. Public collection of Stella Maris. Meerssen. Acquired.

2022. Urban Panter. Public collection of Plein. Joure. Acquired.

2022. The Hear-shaped barrel Tank. Public collection of Schaersvoorde. Aalten. Acquired.

2022. Wat Escher aan de hand? Public collection of Gymnasium Beyers Naudé. Leeuwarden. Acquired.

2022. Sport, Science & Art. Public collection of KWC. Culemborg. Acquired.

2022. The Fox. Public collection of Vossius Gymnasium. Amsterdam. Acquired.

2022. Schip van Van Kinsbergen. Public collection of Van Kinsbergen College. Elburg. Acquired.

2022. De Mammoet. Public collection of Liemers College. Zevenaar. Acquired.

2022. De Drutense Leeuw. Public collection of Pax Christi. Druten. Acquired.

2022. The Lion Below. Public collection of Pax Christi. Beneden Leeuwen. Acquired.

2022. Untitled. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. Wapen van Druten. Public collection of Pax Christi. Druten. Acquired.

2022. The Red Woman. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2022. De 5 Kussen van Appingedam. Public collection of Eemsdelta. Appingedam. Acquired.

2021. The Trojan Unicorn. Public collection of Juvenaat. Bergen op Zoom. Acquired.

2021. Prins Claus Brug vanaf onder water. Public collection of Globe. Utrecht. Acquired.

2021. Koeienmarkt Koe. Public collection of Kalsbeek. Woerden. Acquired.

2021. Veluwse Wolf. Public collection of Pantarijn. Wageningen. Acquired.

2021. Gerben. Public collection of Hedon. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. Pegasus. Public collection of Het Vliegende Paard. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. Het Wapen van Hoorn. Public collection of Tabor. Hoorn. Acquired.

2021. ’t Peard van Ome Loeks. Public collection of Werkman. Groningen. Acquired.

2021. De Busbrug. Public collection of Gemeente Zwolle. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. Salamanders. Public collection of Talentstad. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. De Corona Ketting. Public collection of SOOZ. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. Lady Lion. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. De Wolf van Wolvega. Public collection of Linde College. Wolvega. Acquired.

2021. Het Lopertje. Public collection of Celeanum. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. Mijlpaal drieluik 2.0. Public collection of Meander. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. Friese cultuur. Public collection of Bogerman. Balk. Acquired.

2021. Buffelen. Public collection of Talentstad. Zwolle. Acquired.

2021. Van Kinsbergen. Public collection of Kinsbergen College. Elburg. Acquired.

2021. Real Estate. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2020. Spotlights. Public collection of Raakvlak Academie. Zwolle. Acquired.

2020. Goden & Grollen: The ‘I love the world’-tattoo. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2020. Goden & Grollen: The drunk fathered snake. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2020. Amersfoortse stier versus draak. Public collection of Trivium College. Amersfoort. Acquired.

2020. Pimp je Vlinder. Public collection of Gemeente Zwolle. Acquired.

2020. Milestone triptych. Public collection of Meander College. Zwolle. Acquired.

2020. Thorbecke. Public collection of Thorbecke SG. Zwolle. Acquired.

2019. Mayor Meijer. Private collection of Henk Jan Meijer. Zwolle. Acquired.

2019. La Cirque; dancers. Private collection of Stef Bos. Veenendaal. Donated.

2019. The tattooed pig. Public collection Stadslanderijen. Zwolle. Donated.

2018. The Mountain Top Cat mosaic. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle. Intern.

2018. La Cirque; the elephant. Private collection. Utrecht. Acquired.

2018. De Spelletjeshut. Public collection Gemeente Zwolle. Zwolle. Acquired.

2018. Three Sons torso of Apollo Belvédère. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2018. De Zwolse Meesters. Public collection Stichting Openbare Kunst. Zwolle. Acquired.

2018. Bear versus Bull. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle. Intern.

2017. Mosaic Sofa with Flowerbed. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle. Intern.

2017. The Lion Head Wall. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle. Intern.

2017. The Diver. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle. Intern.

2017. Van Fantasie naar Fantastisch. Institution De Duyvencamp. Zwolle. Acquired.

2016. The tattooed panther. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle. Intern.

2016. Koofje and the hipbone mask. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2015. Chaos in Syrie. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle. Intern.

2015. Starry holiday pool by night. Private collection. Utrecht. Acquired.

2015. Sexy Klimt Frog. Private collection. Nijmegen. Acquired.

2014. Leonie. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle. Intern.

2014. Kim. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle. Intern.

2014. The arm wrestle tournament. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2013-2014. Design contest triptych. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle. Intern.

2013. Elephant in archway. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2013. The drunk feathered snake. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2012-2013. Design contest triptych. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle. Intern.

2013. The Brighton Pier. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2011-2012. Design contest triptych. Institution Deltion START. Zwolle. Intern.


2024. ARTIKEL “Wie wordt de nieuwe Zwolse Maestro?” by Indebuurt.

2024. REPORTAGE: “Kunstenaar wil schilderij schenken, maar…” by Stefan Kuiper. BREINN.

2024. ARTIKEL “Zwolse kunstenaar biedt werk gratis aan bij Museum De Fundatie” by Pieter Steenbergen. De Stentor.

2023. ARTIKEL “Op deze schilderijen plaatsten 7000 mensen een stip” by Robin van Rossum. Indebuurt Zwolle.

2023. ARTIKEL “Verken de Hanze-geschiedenis vanuit perspectief van Zwolse leerlingen in onvergetelijk kunstproject” De Swollenaer.

2023. ARTIKEL Indebuurt Zwolle: “Nieuw schilderij onder de Sassenpoort” by Robin van Rossum.

2023. ARTIKEL “Deze beschadigde Peperbus hangt straks in De Grote Kerk”. AD & Indebuurt.

2023. ARTIKEL De Swollenaer: “Zwolse Peperbus bekroond met Oekraïnse iconen”.

2023. VIDEO RIBW Overijssel: “Samen aan de slag met veiligheid”.

2023: VIDEO PZC Zeeland: “Vestrock is kerst, carnaval en koningsdag in één”.

2023: VIDEO PZC Zeeland: “Vestrock dag twee: gedroomde afsluiter The Prodigy…”

2023: PODCAST BREINN: “Dennie Boxem: next level kunstenaar”.

2022. ARTIKEL “Dennie Boxem is een Zwollenaar”.

2022. ARTIKEL “Gevelstenen voor Zwols kunstproject.”

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2022. VIDEO: NOS journaal 04-04-2022.

2022. VIDEO: “Boeven op het oude politiebureau van Zwolle”, by RTV Focus Zwolle.

2022. RTV Oost – VIDEO; “Zwolse kunstenaar Dennie Boxem moet Escher schilderij witten”, by Vincent Corjanus & Maureen Lenters.

2022. NOS – NPO Radio 1; Nieuws en Co, by Lara Billie Rense and Danny Simons. (interview starts at 0:22:22).

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2022. VIDEO: “Introductiefilmpje 3D kunstwerk Talentstad”.

2021. VIDEO: “NPO 3FM in Galerie Dennie Boxem during Serious Request”.

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2020. “Plan voor kunstwerk Zwolse draak op watertrap Rodetorenplein in de wachtkamer”; De Stentor by Arnoud de Vries.

2019. VIDEO “Aftermovie Dag van de Duurzaamheid”; by Storm in Recruitment.

2019. WEBSITE, by Stichting KRZ.


2017. Overijsselse Onderwijsprijs. Third place. INOP (Instituut voor Nationale Onderwijs Promotie).

2010. Drentse Popprijs. First place.

2004. Parc Sandur talent show. First place.


Affiliations & Memberships

2019. Founding member with Sander Dol of POP UP Museum. Organizer & curator at Theater de Spiegel.

2017 – 2019. Founding member of Public Expo. Curator, organizer and host of art exposition at grand cafe Public.

2011 – 2016. Founding member of This Is Special. Charity and talent stimulation project for students of special education school De Ambelt.


Work experience

2016, 25th of September – present. Owner of

2019 June – August. Organizer & curator of POP UP Museum Theater De Spiegel at Zwolse Theaters.

2017 January – 2019 September. Organizer, curator & host of Public Expo at grand cafe Public.

2016 September – 2019 February. Atelier supervisor at care institution Meesterwerk.

2009 December – 2016 July. CKV teacher at special education school De Ambelt.

2008 December – 2009 July. CKV teacher at Meander College.



2019. Interactive activator at ‘Dag van de Duurzaamheid met Jan Terlouw‘ at De Grote Kerk Zwolle, organized by STORM in recruitment en Academiehuis Zwolle.

2019. Illustrator of the book ‘Ik, mijn hond & MS‘ by author Sandy Krijnen.

2019. Interactive activator at ‘Speciaal Bier Festival Zwolle’ at De Grote Kerk Zwolle, organized by Café De Gezelligheid, Het Vliegende Paard en Stanislaus Brewskovitch.

2019. Interactive activator at ‘Ode aan de Docent‘ at De Grote Kerk Zwolle, organized by De Zwolse 8.

2018. Wrap up activator after lecture of Claire Boonstra at ‘Liberal Arts Event‘ at BRAINZ Zwolle, organized by Windesheim.