Charity Fundraiser Painting: “This Is Special II” 2014


Het IJsbeelden festival‘ (The ice sculpture festival) is the largest ice sculpture event in Europe and held in Zwolle for several years.

In december 2014 Dennie Boxem initiated the second edition of ‘This Is Special’ at the event. With a team of students and teachers of special education school De Ambelt Zwolle they painted two paintings of 2,2 by 2 meters (86,6 by 78,7 inch) at the festival together with its visitors. The paintings were inspired by hyperrealist Chuck Close and his ‘box-paintings’. Every visitor payed a minimal of one Euro to paint a square. Approximately seven hundred visitors contributed to the paintings and a total amount of €1.560,- was raised. The full amount was donated to Holland largest charity event Serious Request 2014. 



2014. Leerlingen Ambelt exposeren bij IJSbeelden festival. Weblogzwolle by Harry Plantinga (12th December).
2014. “Ik probeer leerlingen echt te zien”; Dag van de Leraar uitgave Ambelt.