Stain Studies. 2010

YEAR:                  2010

MATERIALS:        Ecoline ink acrylic paper

SIZE:                    28 x 21 x 1 cm (11 x 8,3 x 0,4 in)

CATERGORY:      Unique

LOCATION:          Galerie Dennie Boxem Zwolle

PRICE:                 €300,- (incl. 9% btw, no frame)

Mozes Splitting the Sea

OMG a Shark

Stork and a Baby

The Maya

King with Cape

King with Crown

Flying Elephant Like Animal I – SOLD

Flying Elephant Like Animal II – SOLD

The Snail – SOLD


Laughing Witches

UFO Mass Evacuation

Thinking about Death with a Bad Conscience

The Thief – SOLD

Woman, back side – SOLD

Alien dramatically staring in the distance