The Ukrainian Peperbus. 2023

The Ukrainian Peperbus is a Team-Artwork by Dennie Boxem made with six Ukrainian refugees; Kateryna Khomutova, Olena Korzheva, Kateryna Pollarush, Polina Shamanska, Tina Shovkoplias ans Svitlana Varlalamieva.


It shows the iconic Zwolse Peperbus, a representation of their hometown Zwolle. Artist Boxem has lived there most of his life, but for the Ukrainians it has become their new home after fleeing the Ukraine because of the war with Russia.


The Ukrainians painted icons and landscapes of their home country, visualising their memories, values and luggage they took with them.

Boxem painted parts of the Peperbus destroyed, ’touched by war’, in a pint-size attempt to try and feel what they are feeling seeing their home country destroyed on the news daily.