Design contest triptych 2011-2012


In the school year of 2011-2012 Dennie Boxem and his colleague Jamilla Op den Kamp held a design contest for their students of special education school De Ambelt Zwolle. The designs of ten winners were mixed together and positioned in a triptych of 4,5 by 2,0 meters (177,2 by 78,7 inch). The goal to brighten up the teachers room succeeded admirably! The students especially found real joy in tagging the submarine with the text “school is net een onderwaterwereld, elk uur een andere kwal”. This roughly translates into the harmless “school is just like marine life, every hour another jellyfish”, except for the Dutch word “kwal” (jellyfish) having some more definitions than just a slippery sea animal. To provide practical experience with art history, each canvas has painted in a different style; f.l.t.r. Vincent van Gogh; Salvador Dalí; Andy Warhol. The variation in the designs was brought together by the horizon running through all three canvases. When changed from position, and the two outer sides of the triptych are put together, the paintings reveals a face. Over forty students and teachers contributed to the triptych. All participants signed the back of the painting.


For the first couple of years the triptych was the eye-catcher in the teachers room.


In 2015 the triptych was sold to raise money for the charity event Serious Request 2015. The artwork was bought by the managements of nine schools and was given to START.Deltion, a new school that had just opened. The painting still decorates the hallway at START.Deltion.