Infernorama ‘A symphony for the heartless’ (2005) was the third rockopera composed by Manny van Oosten. The first two were Schooldays (1989) and Out Of Control (1992). Van Oosten also was the guitarist and composer in the bands Black Out, (Evil Game, 1984) and To Elysium (Dearest Ville, 2002 and Nightmare’s Nest, 2004). In 2010 Manny was diagnosed with ALS. He passed away the 25th of february 2011. Manny van Oosten was 55 years old.

Line-up Infernorama:
Manny van Oosten – guitar
Eline Ottens – keyboards
Ivo Hilgenkamp, The Monolith-deathcult – solo guitar
Sjoerd Visch, The Monolith-deathcult – drums
Gert-Jan Kok – bass

Charlotte Wessels, Delain
Mark Jansen, Epica
Marco van der Velde, The Wounded
Edwin Kelder
Dennie Boxem
Margerita Holguin
Rein Doze
Robert Busscher
Marleen Santen

Martijn Westerholt, Delain – keyboards
Eduard Dresscher – piano
Robert Schotman – rhythm guitar