Dennie Boxem (1983) is artist and first degree teacher of fine art and design. He creates artworks and is specialized in initiating, supervising and realizing team-artworks.


In his artworks Boxem often brings up issues of serious concern. We see Gods being interreligious. We see historical masterpieces prophesying the urge to care for our planet. With a hint of dark humour Boxem depicts issues concerning social and political justice, environmental stewardship and sustainability. It is frustration that inspires Boxem; humanity is lacking to use our technological and biological innovations, which could provide us with endless possibilities for progress, in our full advantage. With the aim for his artworks to promote awareness, provoke dialogue and inspire action, Boxem strives to contribute to better our choices and attitudes toward each other and the natural world.


A team-artwork is an artwork created by a great number of people. Boxem is specialized creating the concepts. He realized multiple mosaic projects, murals and paintings with students of high schools, clients of institutions and visitors of festivals. Not only do team-artworks directly improve and brighten up the location; the fact that all individuals are being immortalized together has great social influence on the participants; it bonds. They bond with the artwork, the location and most importantly with their fellow-participants, because their shared effort is forever combined in an artwork. This way, Boxems team-artworks are not just making the world a more beautiful place; they contribute to social well-being as well.


Boxem is organizer, curator and host of ‘Public Expo’. The expositions are an initiative of grand café Public and Boxem to promote contemporary art from Zwolle. Across from Zwolle’s largest museum De Fundatie and next to the Herman Brood Experience, grand café Public provides the perfect location to propagate Zwolle’s artist.