Dennie Boxem (1983) lives and works in Zwolle.



2005-2009. ArtEZ. First Degree of Fine Art and Design in Education.

1995-2001. Meander College. Atheneum.


Exhibition History

2019. Academiehuis – De Grote Kerk. Exhibition and live-painting on Team-Artworks. Zwolle (solo).

2019. Theater de Spiegel. “POP UP Museum”. Exhibition of hundred contemporary artist of the city of Zwolle (curated by Boxem).

2019. Het Vliegerhuys. In co-operation with Marloes Wijtsma. Zwolle.

2019. Stadkamer. “April; maand van de filosofie”. Zwolle (solo).

2019. Theater De Spiegel & De Koperen Kees. “PROGRESS AND WHAT WE DO WITH (that shh) IT“. In co-operation with Mattys Bredewold and Daniel Douglas. Zwolle (curated by Boxem).

2018. Deltion Sprint Lyceum. Zwolle.

2018. Milligers. Zwolle (solo).

2018. Public. “Maatschappijkritiek”. In co-operation with Tamme de Boer. Zwolle.

2016. Public. Zwolle (solo).

2010-2011. De Nootingang. Tynaarlo (solo).

2009. ArtEZ Graduation show. Zwolle.


2019. Mayor Meijer. Private collection of Henk Jan Meijer. Zwolle. Donated.

2019. La Cirque; dancers. Private collection of Stef Bos. Veenendaal. Donated.

2019. The tattooed pig. Public collection Stadslanderijen. Zwolle. Donated.

2018. The Mountain Top Cat mosaic. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle.

2018. La Cirque; the elephant. Private collection. Utrecht. Acquired.

2018. De Spelletjeshut. Public collection Gemeente Zwolle. Zwolle. Acquired.

2018. Three Sons torso of Apollo Belvédère. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2018. De Zwolse Meesters. Public collection Stichting Openbare Kunst. Zwolle. Acquired.

2018. Bear versus Bull. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle.

2017. Mosaic Sofa with Flowerbed. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle.

2017. The Lion Head Wall. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle.

2017. The Diver. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle.

2017. Van Fantasie naar Fantastisch. Institution De Duyvencamp. Zwolle. Acquired.

2016. The tattooed panther. Public collection Meesterwerk. Zwolle.

2016. Koofje and the hipbone mask. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2015. Chaos in Syrie. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle.

2015. Starry holiday pool by night. Private collection. Utrecht. Acquired.

2015. Sexy Klimt Frog. Private collection. Nijmegen. Acquired.

2014. Leonie. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle.

2014. Kim. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle.

2014. The arm wrestle tournament. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2013-2014. Design contest triptych. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle.

2013. Elephant in archway. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2013. The drunk feathered snake. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2012-2013. Design contest triptych. Institution De Ambelt. Zwolle.

2013. The Brighton Pier. Private collection. Zwolle. Acquired.

2011-2012. Design contest triptych. Institution Deltion START. Zwolle.



2017. Overijsselse Onderwijsprijs. Third place. INOP (Instituut voor Nationale Onderwijs Promotie).

2004. Parc Sandur talent show. First place. Artiestenburo Chris de Roo.


Affiliations & Memberships

2019. Founding member with Sander Dol of POP UP Museum. Organizer & curator at Theater de Spiegel.

2017 – 2019. Founding member of Public Expo. Curator, organizer and host of art exposition at grand cafe Public.

2011 – 2016. Founding member of This Is Special. Charity and talent stimulation project for students of special education school De Ambelt.


Work experience

2016, 25th of September – present. Owner of

2019 June – August. Organizer & curator of POP UP Museum Theater De Spiegel at Zwolse Theaters.

2017 January – 2019 September. Organizer, curator & host of Public Expo at grand cafe Public.

2016 September – 2019 February. Atelier supervisor at care institution Meesterwerk.

2009 December – 2016 July. CKV teacher at special education school De Ambelt.

2008 December – 2009 July. CKV teacher at Meander College.



2019. Interactive activator at ‘Dag van de Duurzaamheid met Jan Terlouw‘ at De Grote Kerk Zwolle, organized by STORM in recruitment en Academiehuis Zwolle.

2019. Illustrator of the book ‘Ik, mijn hond & MS‘ by author Sandy Krijnen.

2019. Interactive activator at ‘Speciaal Bier Festival Zwolle’ at De Grote Kerk Zwolle, organized by Café De Gezelligheid, Het Vliegende Paard en Stanislaus Brewskovitch.

2019. Interactive activator at ‘Ode aan de Docent‘ at De Grote Kerk Zwolle, organized by De Zwolse 8.

2018. Wrap up activator after lecture of Claire Boonstra at ‘Liberal Arts Event‘ at BRAINZ Zwolle, organized by Windesheim.