“… The Mother Lovers released their debut album ‘From The Thumb’ on Mother’s Day 2010. The album contains a mixture of reggae, rock, funk, pop and power ballads. … The Mother Lovers are very proud of the fact that four-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion Semmy Schilt has a lead role in their debut music video ‘Sweet Madness’. Well done, cause the video and therefore the band got some fine international media coverage!”
(Source: festival.eurosonic-noorderslag.nl)

In the music video, the band steals the champion belt. After a ‘David versus Goliath’ kinda battle, Schilt takes back what is his (To watch the scene, click here!). To promote the video, the PR of the star athlete alerted the media that the champion belt was stolen. It turned out to be a successful publicity stunt, because the news was picked up widely. Semmy Schilt: “When I became world champion, I didn’t have this much media coverage.”
The Mother Lovers and Semmy Schilt unraveled the hoax live at Giel Beelen, a Dutch radio DJ:

Some highlights.
In 2010 The Mother Lovers won ‘De Drentse Popprijs’ (Best band of the province). They released their album on Mother’s Day and opened for bands as Di-rect, Waylon en Rigby in their album release tour.
In 2011 they played in De Melkweg Amsterdam (SENA POPnl awards) and at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival Groningen.
The Mother Lovers are: Dennie Boxem (vocals), Olaf de Groote (guitar), Marcel Hoving (bas), Maikel Tanger (drums).

Music Video’s: