David Attenborough Rewilds The World 2020 – present

Inspired on his Netflix film Life On Our Planet, Sir David Attenborough touches an industrial landscape that we have to ‘rewild’ together; over a thousand participants have contributed one single green dot to this artwork.

Everyone feels the climate crisis is a problem too large to solve as an individual. This feeling is common. It often makes you look the other way and demotivates you to taking action. That is why Dennie Boxem started this art project. He wants to counteract this feeling by showing that we can do this, together. Because every dot counts; like every little action to make our planet greener counts. This way, the artwork visualizes how many people care and how many are acting on making things better. Visitors leave the galerie more hopeful, positive and decisive.

In corporation with Gemeente Zwolle en Impacter, Boxem handed out over five hundred free plants to everyone who contributed to the artwork.