David Attenborough Rewilds The World 2020 – present

Sir David Attenborough ‘rewilds’ an industrial landscape; together we can make this landscape green again.

Dennie Boxem asks his visitors of Gallery Dennie Boxem to contribute one green dot to this painting. Just one dot. He started this painting, because he often feels that his attempts to mend climate change are negligible; being just one of a billion, with just one life; my actions cannot even come near solving this global problem.

This painting is about that feeling. And counteracting it. Everyone who contributes, states to have been consciously bettering their choices towards the natural world, and will do so evenmore. This way this Team-Artwork aims not just to get this painting green, but also our mindsets, and eventually our environment. Every dot counts. Your dot counts. The painting is a visualization that we can do this together.


All names of the participants are written on the back.