David Attenborough Rewilds The World 2020 – present

This art project of Dennie Boxem is inspired on Sir David Attenboroughs Netflix film A Life On Our Planet. Sir David touches an industrial landscape that we have to make green together. Boxem asks the visitors of his gallery to add one single green dot to the painting. Currently, more than two thousand participants contributed a green dot, getting the landscape greener and greener.


In A Life On Our Planet Sir Attenborough offers great solutions to reverse climate change, accept they are all political decisions. Boxem wants to focus on the impact of like minded individuals. And simultaneously aims to break an important commonly spread feeling: the climate crisis is a problem too large to solve as an individual and my actions feel negligible on the big scale. It is this feeling that makes you look the other way, put on blinders and demotivates to take action. Boxem wants to counteract it by showing that every dot is needed to make the artwork green, and that it is the same in reality; every action counts. By visualising how many people care and act on making things better, the artwork makes participants leave the galerie with more positivity, hope and decisiveness to keep making a change.


In 2021, in corporation with Gemeente Zwolle en Impacter, Boxem handed out over five hundred free plants to everyone who contributed to the artwork.

Sir Davids painting forms a diptych with Greta Thunberg Rewilds The World.