David Attenborough: Let’s Rewild The World. 2020 – present

The artwork is inspired on Sir David Attenboroughs Netflix film A Life on our Planet. In the end, after showing the current state of our planet, Sir David presents a number of beautiful solutions that can truly improve our relation with our environment. There was, however, one thing that kept bothering me: the solutions depend mostly on political decisions.

Herein lies a problem I think. Because this does not change the feeling that I (and most of our population concerned with climate change) cannot seem to shake; it is the feeling that my personal efforts as an individual to encounter climate change are negligible in the big picture, a drop in the ocean. I think this is main feeling that dispirits people to really act.

And this was the feeling I wanted to break. To really engage and involve a great mass in to working up to this enormous goal, I believe it is crucial to put a stop to this exact sentiment. In an effort to do so, I started with the Team-Artwork David Attenborough: Let’s Rewild The World.


In the painting Sir David touches an industrial landscape, that will turn greener by an action of an individual: I ask every visitor of my gallery to add a single green dot. Only one.

The first hundred participants confirmed the feeling described before; the impact of one dot cannot transform the landscape in this painting; like one action (or one life of actions) can hardly make any differents on an immense global problem, like climate change. However, over time the painting started to get greener. The visualisation that every little dot indeed does matter, had a snowballing effect; visitors of the gallery send likeminded friends. Hundreds participated worldwide via Instagram.

In the summer of 2021, the municipality of Zwolle donated me more than 500 plants. I handed a plant out for free to everyone who contributed to the artwork.

Right now, over 3.500 people have contributed. All their names are written on the back of the artwork.

Sir Davids painting forms a diptych with Greta Thunberg Rewilds The World.