De Spelletjeshut 2018


‘De Spelletjeshut’ (‘The Game Hut’; 2018) is Dennie Boxems first sculpture in the public space of Zwolle. In this team-artwork approximately twenty-five neighbors participated.

The original idea came from the nine year old Sebastian Snitjer (2016). Sebastian won ‘Ik, de Burgemeester’ (‘Me, the mayor’); a contest initiated by Stadkamer Zwolle to stimulate neighborhood interaction. Sebastian designed a game hut with a mosaic bench and a board game. The stones of the games he wanted rotating amongst neighbors, so they had more opportunity to socialize.


Boxem and Sebastian redesigned the bench into three giant leaves coming out of the ground. Boxem did the mosaic of the edges and grains of the leaves, leaving open spaces for the neighbors to fill up with their own design of colorful mosaic. The rotating game table has the games of Chess, Monolpoly, Checkers and Ludo. The roof is made of crystal clear perspex laying in a steel frame of five centimeters high, which is filled up with water. This gives a beautiful effect when wind wrinkles the water and sunlight shines through.


On 19-07-2018 was the opening of ‘De Spelletjeshut’ by alderman of Gemeente Zwolle Michiel van Willigen and representative of Stadkamer Sanne Gras.


Bricklaying and plaster credits Gerard Arkes; construction credits Joost Groeneveld; photo credits: Alex Mulder (Stentor) & Paula Arkes.