De Zwolse Cobra 2014-2018


‘De Zwolse Cobra’; 2014-2018; mosaic of keramics and marble on brick; 5,2 by 3,1 meters (204,7 by 122 inch).


‘De Zwolse Cobra’ is a mosaic sculpture of a cobra in Boxems garden. He started on the three-dimensional artwork in the summer of 2014, when he layed the curvy brick wall with his brother Robbie. The only blue brick in the sculpture was layed (on 01-08-’14) by his daughter Deena at the age of six. There and then they decided that the blue brick was going to be the tip of the cobra’s tail, eventhough there was no design for the cobra’s body jet. Boxems father-in-law Gerard Arkes did the plastering of the wall. Every summer Boxem mosaiced his holiday away till the cobra was finished in the summer of 2018.