De Zwolse Cobra 2014-2018

550x836 kopie

Dennie Boxem is very proud to see De Zwolse Cobra in the book 111 plekken in Zwolle die je gezien moet hebben (111 places in Zwolle you must have visited) amongst beautiful historical buildings and must-see’s in Zwolle. The sculpture is 5,2 by 3,1 meters (204,7 by 122 inch) and made of ceramics and marble on a curvy brick wall.


The mosaic cobra ornaments the artists garden. When Dennie met his future-wife Paula, she had her immigration papers ready to head for Barcelona. There wasn’t really anything else to do then build her a Gaudí-like piece of art to get her to stay.

Robbie Boxem bricked the curvy wall in the summer of 2014. The one blue brick was laid by Deena Boxem at the age of six (01-08-’14). This was going to be the tip of the tail, even though the composition for the cobra was not finished. Future father-in-law Gerard Arkes plastered of the wall. Every summer Dennie mosaicked in a Mediterranean pace till the cobra was finished in the summer of 2018.