Design contest triptych 2013-2014


In the school year of 2013-2014 Dennie Boxem and his colleague Jamilla Op den Kamp held the third design contest for their students of special education school De Ambelt Zwolle. The designs of eleven winners were combined in a new composition, which resulted in the third triptych. In this one, the central canvas is 4,2 by 1,8 meters (165,4 by 70,9 inch) and the two outer canvases are 2,2 by 2,2 meters (86,6 by 86,6 inch), which brings the total length of this triptych up to 8,6 meters (338,6 inch)!

The central canvas counts 313 (!) figures, who are being occupied with giant comical animals. All 313 figures are drawn by one student; the amazing Karst! On the left and right edges are two figures looking through telescopes. The planets they are looking at are on the two side panels. Over forty students and teachers contributed to the paintings. The triptych is the eye-catcher in the stateroom of De Ambelt locatie Herftelaan.