Failing Superheroes 2017


‘Failing Superheroes’ is a series of paintings. The superheroes, who normally save the world in the nick of time, fail to save us from the real disasters that are happening right now. The series aims to provoke dialogue and promote awareness about how we entertain ourselves by watching movies where superheroes save us from fictional problems, instead of contributing to the solutions to these real time disasters. Over 33.293 refugees died trying to reach Europe (Der Tagesspiegel, 9-11-2017) and we are letting this happen.


‘Captain America fails stopping inauguration Trump’ (2017); acryl on wood panel.

‘Aquaman fails saving the refugees’ (2017); acryl on wood panel.

‘Poison Ivy fails saving the rain forest’ (2017); acryl on wood panel.


All paintings are 83 by 83 centimeters (32,7 by 32,7 inch).