From Vitruvian Man To Bullit Can. 2018

YEAR:                  2018


MATERIALS:        Acrylic paint, canvas, brown frame

SIZE:                    225 x 135 x 5 cm (88,6 x 53,1 x 1,9 in)

CATEGORY:        Unique

LOCATION:          Galerie Dennie Boxem Zwolle

PRICE:                 €10.000,- (incl. 9% btw. incl. frame)

In September 2018 Boxem made this Team-Artwork with five hundred students of Deltion Sprintlyceum Zwolle commissioned by Stadkamer Zwolle. He remade his own ‘From Vitruvian Man To Bullit Can’ (2017) in the style of hyperrealist Chuck Close.

Energy cans have a toxic effect on a lot of young people who drink these sugar and caffeine overloaded drinks daily. As well on our environment, where all the can end up.

The logo of Bullit Energy however is the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Boxem pointed out the giant contradiction of one of the most genius men in history ending up on one of the most noxious products of our time. And what does it say about progress?