Hallucinogenic Devil Face III 2008


‘Hallucinogenic Devil Face’ is a series of three artworks. It shows the three largest disasters caused by human hands; World War II, Hiroshima and 9-11. In the way the entire scene is arranged a Devil face glimpses through.


‘Hallucinogenic Devil Face I’. 2006. Acryl on canvas. 1,5 by 1,0 meter (59,1 by 39,4 inch).

‘Hallucinogenic Devil Face II’. 2007. Ballpoint pen on paper. 2,0 by 1,5 meter (78,7 by 59,1 inch).

‘Hallucinogenic Devil Face III’. 2008. Acryl on canvas. 3,2 by 2,0 meter (126 by 78,7 inch).