Public Expo 2017 – 2019

‘Public Expo’ was an initiative of grand café Public and Dennie Boxem to promote art and artist from Zwolle and serve as a meeting point for artists, art lovers and creatives. Across from Zwolle’s largest museum De Fundatie and next to the Herman Brood Experience, grand café Public provides the perfect location to propagate contemporary artist from Zwolle. Dennie Boxem is in charge of organizing, curating and hosting the expositions and openings. He arranges duo expositions. Selectively bringing together differences or similarities in styles, techniques or choices of subject, Boxem accentuates the personal style of the artists and aims to increases the visitors attention to look at the details.



2019-09; Erik Franssen & Thomas Bartelds

2019-07; Bert Dijkink & Tali Farchi

2019-05; Stephanie Duijnisveld & Rik Grit

2019-03; Marcel Goossen & Derko Laan

2019-01; Juliët Kalter & Ben Marsman

2018-11; ‘This Is Special’ special education De Ambelt

2018-09; Jeroen van Doornik & Henk Nyenhuis

2018-07; Annie van der Maten & Remon J. Stam

2018-05; Erica Hyatt & Erik Nijmeijer

2018-03; Tamme de Boer & Dennie Boxem

2018-01; Daniel Douglas & Diederik Haveman

2017-11; Wim & Jan van Lenthe

2017-09; Tosca van den Braak & Hans Mateboer

2017-07; Meesterwerk’s Meesterwerken

2017-05; Herman Brood

2017-03; Mattijs Bredewold & Martin Graveth

2017-01; Marit Otto


All openings first Monday of every odd month.

There is great music thanks to Max & Maria.

All posters thanks to Wing Chung Lam.