Wat Escher aan de hand? 2022

In March 2022 Boxem made a compilation of several artworks of M.C. Escher; the famous Dutch graphic artist who made mathematically inspired woodcuts and lithographs. In Escher’s city of birth Leeuwarden, all 560 students and teachers of Gymnasium Beijers Naud√© would have contributed to this Team-Artwork, to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of their school, and so eternalise them all together in art. They chose a compilation of Escher’s work for this celebration, because Escher died exactly half a century ago on March 27th, 1972.

The 5 by 2,5 meter artwork (196,8 by 98,4 Inch) would have been the largest tribute to Eschers work of The Netherlands, honouring the unique 50 year anniversary of his death.


Unfortunately Boxem was forced to ahold working on the art project on behold of the Escher Compagny. Copyrights had been violated.

With this Team-Artwork being an educational project, and with 560 individual contributions covering up Boxems premeditated compilation of Eschers work, leaving no chance on the end result looking like a replica, Boxem didn’t though copyright regulations would be applicable.

Unfortunately the Escher Compagny and Boxem could not find a compromise and the Team-Artwork had to be destroyed.

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