Greta Thunberg: Let’s Rewild The World. 2021 – present

YEAR:                  2021 – present

PARTICIPANTS:  ± 3.000 (first contribution André Kuipers)

MATERIALS:        acrylic paint on wood with gold wooden frame

SIZE:                    200 x 122 x 5 cm (78,7 x 49,2 x 1,9 in)

CATERGORY:      unique

LOCATION:          Galerie Dennie Boxem Zwolle

PRICE:                 highest bidder (90% of the proceeds will be used to buy land and rewild it)

3FM DJ Olivier Bakker contributing in Gallery:

3FM DJ Olivier Bakker and Dennie Boxem:

In 2021 Dennie Boxem started the Team-Artwork Greta Thunberg Rewilds The World to go with David Attenborough Rewilds The World. The diptych shows the oldest and youngest generation fighting to better climate change.


Greta’s artwork was opened by Dutch astronaut and climate activist André Kuipers. He added the first dot on 10-10-2021, the Dutch National Day of Sustainability, were the painting was released. More than 3.000 people contributed to Greta’s painting so far.


The Team-Artworks of Dennie Boxem are inspired on David Attenboroughs Netflix film A Life On Our Planet.

In the documentary Sir David presents a number of beautiful solutions that can truly improve our relation with our environment. However one thing kept bothering Dennie; these solutions depend mostly on political decisions. And herein lies a problem. Because this does not change the feeling that Dennie (and most of our population concerned with climate change) cannot seem to shake: it is the feeling that your individual efforts to encounter climate change are negligible in the big picture, a drop in the ocean.

Boxem reckons this feeling is the main cause that dispirits people to act.

And this is the feeling he wants to break.

In an effort to do so he started with this painting. In it, Sir David touches an industrial landscape that will turn greener by an action of an individual: Boxem asks the visitors of his gallery to add one green dot. Just one, no more. It is clear that one dot does not have much impact, but the artwork shows that every dot was needed to accomplish the goal. With over 3.500 people contributing, the industrial landscape has turned green. It visualises that every little action does matter, ánd shows how many care and act on the problem.


People from more than 30 countries have contributed in the gallery or digitally via Instagram.


It is Dennie’s aim to unite people. By making them part of his art, he aims to make them part of the message. After adding one dot of green paint, participants leave his gallery more positive, hopeful and decisive to keep making a change. This is the power of a Team-Artwork.