Milestone triptych 2021

250 graduates of Meander College Zwolle contributed to this Team-Artwork. Together with last years triptych it makes a six-paneled painting of 10,5 by 1,25 meter; containing remakes van Klimt, Magritte, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Haring en Dalí.

The content of the original artworks that were picked correspond with the milestone the graduates are experiencing right now. The sower of Van Gogh was picked, because the students have been sowing and have just harvested their diploma. The Kiss of Gustav Klimt winks at Corona, symbolizing the warmth and affection we have been missing lately. In Golconde Magritte painted himself tens of times floating in the sky; likewise these graduates are taking off to the next level or stage in their lives or carriers.