Milestone triptych 2020

Milestone is a triptych made for and by the graduates of Meander College Zwolle, who could not have a normal graduation due to COVID-19. As an alternative the school decided to unite their graduates in a Team-Artwork. Boxem and a team of teachers carefully selected three historical paintings which are all in some way symbolizing the milestone these students are experiencing; getting their high school diploma.

Party by Keith Haring represents celebration, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli symbolizes a new life starting after closing this chapter. Of Salvador Dalí two paintings were combined. The Temptation of Saint Anthony; standing for the journey we are all on together, was combined with The Persistence of Memory, that symbolizes transience of time.

In total two hundred and fifty graduates contributed to the triptych of 5,2 by 1,2 meters (204,7 by 47,2 inch). All parents wrote the names of their sons and daughters on the back of the artworks. This way their names and contribution will stay on the Meander College, while they move on.