Masterpieces Prophecies 2016


‘Masterpieces Prophecies’ (2016; acryl on canvas; 3,0 by 1,5 meters) shows masterpieces of art history prophesying what we are doing to our planet right now.

On the left Boxem shows Michelangelo’s God, not creating Adam, but Andy Warhols Cambell’s chicken soup can. With statements as making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art”, Warhol is Boxems personification of capitalism and mass consumption. He represents the first generation to prioritize making money, mass production and economical growth above craftsmanship, nature and men itself, while fully aware of the consequences. This is the point we knowingly start to disadvantage our planet, resulting in Eschers gecko’s representing the plastic soup and Rockmans melting ice caps. Mass production taking over craftsmanship tells a paralel story of men increasingly losing his bond with the matter, nature and to the concept of bonding itself.