TATA STEEL: wir haben es nicht gewußt

TATA STEEL: wir haben es nicht gewußt


YEAR:                  2023

MATERIALS:        Acrylic paint, wooden panel, black frame

SIZE:                    125 x 85 x 5 cm (49,2 x 33,5 x 1,9 in)

CATEGORY:        Unique

LOCATION:          Galerie Dennie Boxem Zwolle

PRICE:                 on request

On January the 29th, 2023, Boxem addressed all chess players playing the semi finals of the TATA STEEL Chess Tournament via his Instagram, and asked them to consider a better sponsor for one of their most prestigious tournaments. He wrote the following:


“Dear chess players, I hope you are having a wonderful, successful and healthy tournament. The NOS, our largest Dutch national news station, presented the ‘Dutch Cancer Map’ last January the 17th. Unfortunately the Netherlands turn red around TATA STEEL (photo 3). You are playing the world most intelligent game. You use your head and think some steps ahead. Would it be possible to consider no longer accepting such a company as main sponsor of one of your most prestigious tournaments?

Good luck playing the finals.”