Sint Michaël & De Draak 2019 – 2020

Saint Michael is the archangel and patron of Zwolle. He protects Zwolle from evil, that represents itself as a Dragon, and has been patron since the early middle ages.

The painting ‘Saint Michael & The Dragon’ (2019-2020) is a team-artwork of 3,7 by 2,4 meters (144,1 by 96,1 inch) on which over two hundred and fifty persons contributed. The bodies of the two rivals are covered in tattoos that tell a topical story of Good versus Evil. We see (Michelangelo’s) Adam and (Rubens his) Eve grabbing the apple, leading up to the Amazone on fire, the bio-industry, oiltankers polluting and a dead burned koala as tattoos on the Dragon. Saint Michael has ink of windmills, God and Allah joined toegether, “go vegan” and of course the ultimate symbol of all that is good a righteous; a unicorn.


The making of the team-artwork started at Bruisweken Zwolle where about hundred and fifty students contribted. After this festival the painting was brought to Sint Micheals church (Academiehuis – Grote Kerk Zwolle) where tens of visitors joined. It was finished at the University of Applied Science Windesheim.

On 10-10-2019, the Dag van de Duurzaamheid (national Day of Sustainability), the nationally known Dutch writer, scientist, former politician and climate activist Jan Terlouw (1931) contributed to the painting. Right after his lecture on climate change visitors painted words of hope out of his lecture on Sint Michaels wings.

The names of all participant are written on the back of the artwork.