Saint Michael and the Sighting of the Dragon 2019

‘De Zwolse Meesters’ (The masters of Zwolle) is a project of the stichting Openbare Schilderkunst Zwolle (Foundation Public Art Zwolle). The goal of the project is to turn the overpass at the Rembrandtlaan into an open air museum. All paintings are specially made for this open air museum and are based on historical masterpieces of artist from Zwolle, such as Gerard ter Borch ‘de jonge’ (1617-1681), Willem Grasdorp (1678-1723), Hendrick ten Oever (1639-1716) and Aleida Wolfsen (1648-1692).

Boxem is one of the ten professional contemporary artist to contribute to the project. Boxem did a modern remake of Ridder, van achter gezien (Knight, seen from behind) by Gerard ter Borch. He remade it into Saint Michael and the Sighting of The Dragon, because the story of the archangel and protector of Zwolle and His rival is still not known enough amongst the citizens of Zwolle. The artwork is 166 by 130 meters (65,4 by 51,2 inch).

The painting is finished, but the project is still in progress. For more info